Back Up Plan

What happens if Mother Nature has other ideas or some unforeseen circumstances occur on your wedding day? The answer? A back-up plan!

We asked our some of our top wedding resorts, what kind of back-up plans they suggest if things go awry on your wedding day. Here’s some of their great advice:

Anna Schmid, Vice-President Weddings & Special Affairs at Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, advises “while you hope you never use it, always prepare a back-up plan you’ll be happy with, especially taking into account the destination and the season. You need to make sure that there is an indoor, or at least hard-covered options for both your ceremony and reception.

“Ask your resort’s coordinator about who makes the – weather call – and when should be made. Be prepared to make that decision 6-8 hours before the wedding and do not be surprised when you are asked, do you want to move the event inside? I’ve seen brides let this decision consume them with anxiety and worry their entire wedding day, instead of relaxing and enjoying what should be one of the best days of their life. If you’re prepared and comfortable with your back-up plan long before you actually may have to use it, you can sit back and be pampered and let the fun begin.”

Paula Miller, Sales and Marketing at Majestic Resorts in Punta Cana recommends you keep in close touch with the resort wedding co-ordinator. “They know the weather systems best and how things are looking.” – Needless to say, no one wants any surprises and last-minute changes can be difficult for the couple, guests and even the resort staff but it’s best for couples to be prepared. “We require a decision to move to the back-up plan around 1pm on the wedding day. That means the stress is off the shoulders of the bride and groom early and they can relax and enjoy the afternoon while the resort staff takes care of everything,” says Miller.

“It’s all about being able to move quickly and having other back-up options readily available for couples” says Brenda Bradley, Wedding Manager at Melia International Cuba. “Should unfortunate weather conditions prevail, we have many inside wedding locations that are just as beautiful as our outdoor ones and Melia staff can change the venue in a heartbeat. Although we would like to offer couples another day, keep in mind that this may not always be possible as it’s hard to change arrangements with the Notary Public in Cuba.”

Jonathan Ruiz of Karisma Resorts in the Mayan Riviera says “it’s simple – we insist on a back-up plan. Our wedding co-ordinators will have alternate wedding plans in place with all their couples so that should they have to switch, we all know exactly what will happen – no surprises!”

It really does depend on your wedding resort’s policies and it’s best to check during the planning process. Stay clear of hurricane season and avoid ‘wedding-factory-type-resorts’ that may hold up to six weddings per day. If it rains and resort waits until the weather improves, your ceremony time risks being cut down considerably to fit all the weddings in. Other resorts that may do one wedding per day will be able to not only delay the wedding but may give you the option of another wedding day.

The bottom line? It’s always best to discuss and prepare a back-up plan with your DestinationVows Specialist or resort wedding co-ordinator to make sure there are no surprises on your special day!

 “Don’t let anything ruin your wedding day. Have a back-up plan and always look on the bright side – remember who you’re there with!”

By Liz Scull of Destination Vows
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